Earswick village provides an attractive rural environment in which to live surrounded by over 30 acres of well maintained public open spaces with designated footpaths and riverside walks as well as two woods, a flower meadow and a thriving duck pond.

Diamond Jubilee Wood

In November 2011 residents and Parish Councillors planted 700 trees and 500 daffodil bulbs on the land between Shilton Garth Close and the Ring Road. The trees consist of a mixture of silver birch, field maple, alder, cherry, rowan and thorns. In recognition of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this area has been renamed Diamond Jubilee Wood. Access to the wood can be gained either by using the stile from Strensall Road or the pathway from Stablers Walk.

Centenary Wood

To commemorate the one hundred year anniversary of the start of the First World War on Sunday 11th November 2014 100 trees were planted in the open space area behind the Scented Garden. This area has now been renamed Centenary Wood. This area will also be planted with Poppy seeds and other wildflowers over the coming months. Bird boxes, insect homes for beetles and hibernation sites for hedgehogs have already been provided in this area. In time it is hoped that this area will develop into a permanent wildlife zone that can be enjoyed by all residents for generations to come.

Flower Meadow

The flower meadow is located at the rear of Stablers Walk/Rowley Court and also borders the River Foss. It can be accessed from either Diamond Wood or by walking along the river footpath towards Huntington. On the advice of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust the Flower Meadow is only cut once a year to encourage the growth of wildflowers.


The pond is located on Fosslands just behind the Village Hall next to the Tennis Courts. Ducks, moorhens, dragonflies and a variety of fauna and flaura can be seen throughout most of the year.

River Foss

The Foss is a great river for wildlife of all kinds throughout the year. As well as water vole you could spot roe deer in the fields and woods alongside the river. You may even be lucky enough to see an otter.

Wildflowers to look out for include ragged robin, ox-eye daisy, musk mallow and red campion and in the spring some cheery yellow marsh marigold.

Birds that could be seen by the eagle-eyed observer include mallard, moorhen,grey heron and the common sandpiper. A kingfisher is also known to frequent the section of river near the Haxby footbridge.

Earswick Parish Council in partnership with the River Foss Society has recently installed an informative and colourful information board about the Foss and it’s inhabitants. This can be found alongside the river footpath near to the pond.

Public Open Space

We hope that you will agree that the Public Open Space looks in good shape for the start of Spring. During the winter, work is being carried out both by contractors and a few volunteers with the aim of improving the area we live in.

Dead wood is being cut down and consequently some areas will be opened up to enjoy more sunlight. Some grass seed will be scattered in these areas.

More daffodil bulbs were planted last autumn around the whole area of the open space and we are looking forward to seeing them bloom this spring.

If any resident would like to donate some wildflower plugs or seeds please contact any of the parish councillors.

A litter pick of the village will take place in the coming months to ensure the area is free of litter and dog mess. Details will appear here and in the events section soon.

The Parish Council would like to thank the small but active band of quiet volunteers who regularly pick up glass and plastic bottles, cans, sweet wrappers and stray recycling from our footpaths and green areas around the village. Without their selfless help our village would look much less loved. If you would like to volunteer to help maintain the open space please contact any of the parish councillors. You will be most welcome!

Upcoming Environment Projects

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