Most households in Earswick village are members of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. The overall co-ordinators of the village scheme are Tony and Linda Murphy, and there are co-ordinators for every ten or so houses throughout the village. If you are unsure who your co-ordinator is. please contact Tony or Linda on 762381 or email  who will be able to advise you.

If you are not currently a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme you can join by registering on the national website, where Linda and Tony will approve your membership

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is not intended to be a “nosey neighbours” charter. Its aim is to ensure that households are less vulnerable to burglaries by taking a few simple precautions such as using timers to activate televisions, radios and lights in your home, advising a neighbour when you will be away and getting them to clear away signs that the house is unoccupied – (mail, newspapers, bin bags, milk bottles etc.)

All residents are also encouraged to note any unusual activity or suspicious vehicles, to speak to strangers with an offer to help, thus indicating their presence has been noted and to report any suspicious signs or sounds to the police or to the local co-ordinator.

Earswick currently enjoys a very low crime rate when compared to adjacent villages, but it is important to maintain an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme if we want this to continue.

Police And Police Officers

To help keep residents up to date with what’s happening in our area, the police have set up a free online service (called Community Messanger) that enables the Police to update the community about incidents and events in their area. To access this service please click on thelink below
Our local PCSO is Chris Pitchford and he can be contacted on

York North, Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Inspector Lee Pointon 1051

Pcso 5520 Andy Smith

Pcso 5571 Chris Pitchford

The Team is based at:

Athena House

Kettlestring Lane

Clifton Moor

York YO304XF


Get information on your Neighbourhood at

Follow us on Twitter at @snayorknorth

Follow us on Facebook at ‘York North Police’


For more information about your local Safer Neighbourhood Team, visit the York City and North website at:

Address: York Police Station Fulford Road York YO10 4BY
Phone: 101

No Cold Calling Zones

NO COLD CALLING ZONES have been successfully set up in our village and signage has been erected, these areas are:

  • The Village
  • Shilton Garth Close
  • Stablers Walk
  • Rowley Court
  • Earswick Chase
  • Northlands
  • Lockhouse Lane
  • Whitelands
  • Willow Grove

Earswick NHW hopes that this makes these areas safer for our elderly and more vulnerable residents and protects them to prevent visits by unwanted sales or bogus traders.

No Cold Calling Zones – Saying NO to doorstep callers

Thankfully ‘doorstep crimes’ like distraction burglary and other crimes associated with cold calling are rare. Cold Calling Controlled Zones are a way of discouraging cold calling and preventing residents becoming a victim of this kind of crime.

The zones encourage residents to collectively say ‘No’ to the practice of cold calling and report people who breach the residents wishes not to be cold called to trading standards or the police. A particular benefit of the zones is that they can reduce the concern felt by some householders when the doorbell rings and the caller is unknown.
The zones are visibly identifiable by signs attached to lamp posts and by each participant displaying a sticker stating ‘say no to doorstep callers’ in a prominent position. If an unwanted cold caller knocks on the door, a card explaining ‘I do not deal with uninvited doorstep callers’ can be shown.

Surveys have shown that over 95% of residents do not want traders knocking on their doors. In Cold Calling Controlled Zones, traders who are known, or who have made prior arrangements are welcome as normal.
If you feel you live or know of an area which may benefit from a zone, please ring the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06 or visit the Citizens Advice Consumer website. Please provide details of the location and the reason for nomination.